Choosing an appropriate outfit to train in

In this example we will consider whether you are going to train your upper or lower body and therefore I will suggest an appropriate outfit in both cases.

As you can see on the pictures that illustrate my article, during a shoulder and triceps workout, I favor a T-shirt, shorts and running shoes to warm up on the treadmill 5 to 15 minutes before the workout.

Be comfortable training and exercising
The goal being to be completely free to move without wanting to wear a tank top, even though I wear them when I work on my biceps.

If I decided to wear shorts it's simply to sweat less especially when I work my legs. There is no point in wearing something long like sweatpants that might limit my movements a bit.

Before each workout, I do about five to 10 minutes of cardio on the treadmill and sometimes on a bike and for that it is recommended to wear running shoes, important for your stability and especially your comfort.

For underwear, if you wonder if you should wear boxers or briefs, consider testing a compression underwear. Short or long, Nike offers several models. Some athletes prefer to wear a jockstrap for comfort during sports sessions.

Now that you know what outfit to wear for training, there is only to make your choice of materials and colors of textiles.
Shorts or jogging, what to train with?
The main objective when choosing a sportswear bottom is the freedom of movement. During leg exercises, I prefer to wear shorts so I don't feel uncomfortable when I bend and stretch. The extensibility is the most important criterion to take into account when choosing a sportswear.

The other criterion to take into account is the ventilation and the breathability of the outfit. Each person sweats differently. It is therefore important to adapt your outfit according to this criterion.

Once again, shorts seem to be the most suitable for bodybuilding. This prevents our skin from sticking to the jogging suit and making us uncomfortable during the workout. Weight training is a high-intensity sport that causes our bodies to sweat more than during a strength training session for example.

Finally, one of the criteria to take into account when choosing a sports outfit is the temperature outside. In a gym, the temperature is often ambient or even hot. There is no need to wear a jogging suit that will make you even hotter and limit your movements.

For me, the ideal outfit for bodybuilding in the gym is shorts (if possible in polyester with elastane). These shorts allow a better comfort in the movements thanks to an ease of movement and a dry maintenance throughout the exercises.

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