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Fashion tips on Jogging:

It is associated with running and gyms. The jogging is indeed above all a garment dedicated to physical exercise. However, it has taken over the fashion runways and invaded the dressings of the most fashionable women. The exercise now is to know how to wear jogging in a chic and stylish way. But the jogging allows many other looks. It is becoming the new slim.

Back to the jogging suit
The primary function of jogging suits is to exercise. Initially, the one more commonly called tracksuit is worn over the sportswear. Between two training sessions or while waiting for a competition to start, the athlete puts on his fleece jogging suit over his shorts and shirt. This way, he stays warm, protected from drafts, rain, wind... This preserves his muscles and joints, and thus contributes to his physical performance.

Since the 70s and 80s, jogging has come out of gyms and stadiums. It became a garment that is worn not only for sports, but also in the street. The first to wear it on a daily basis were the rappers who, in the 90s, popularized the streetwear style of which the jogging suit is an emblematic piece.

Recently, the jogging invaded the catwalks. The big houses like Chloe parade models in sweatpants. And the jogging pants, with band or not, in gray fleece or shiny silk, now invites itself in the street, through dressed and worked looks.

Which jogging pants to choose
To go out on the town with a jogging suit without looking like you're going to the gym, you need to choose the right model. To distinguish the jogging signed by major sports brands such as Nike, Fila, Reebok or Adidas, we have created the "sweatpants", that is to say jogging pants designed by fashion brands. Materials, patterns, colors, cuts are more in the spirit of "fashion" than "sport".

In terms of materials, you can choose jogging pants in cotton, fleece, silk, satin, velvet ... In essence, jogging is comfortable, yet there are slim sweatpants, easy to wear. One of the musts to have in his closet is the jogging carrot, that is to say pants wide enough at the level of the buttocks and which tightens on the ankles. It should not be too wide to not be confused with a sarouel. Generally, jogging pants are also tightened at the waist with an elastic or a cord. It can have pockets, sometimes zipped. It can also open on the side of the leg, usually by a series of snaps.

As for color, to remain sober, nothing beats neutral colors such as black, gray or navy blue, even brown and burgundy. Pastel and light colors are also easy to exploit, such as pale pink or beige. Finally, flashy and bright colors are also to be discovered, but are certainly more difficult to match and assume.


How to wear jogging in the city
The advantage of jogging suits is that they allow you to create looks that are both comfortable and stylish. But how exactly? Outside the gym, jogging is worn with a blouse and heels. Ideally, it should be paired with at least one chic piece to break up its sporty image. The most daring will wear it with pumps or thin sandals with stiletto heels.

One can also dare the total sportswear look, with jogging, sneakers, tank top and hoodie. You can also play on the discrepancies by associating to the fleece pants thick-soled sneakers or studded boots, a loose t-shirt or a crop top, and a black leather perfecto or a denim jacket. This way you can create a perfect sporty-casual style.

To have style with a jogging suit, it is possible!

The sweatpants, far from being reserved for sports
Long intended for your sports sessions, the image of sweatpants has since changed! Once considered as "a sign of defeat" by Karl Lagerfeld, who would have thought that in a few years the sweatpants would have become a fashion piece in its own right?

How to wear his jogging in town?
Very fashionable this year, the hoodie has become a key piece of the men's wardrobe for quite some time now. But now, many men also proudly wear jogging pants in the city. This mix of genres follows closely the fashion of the suit worn with sneakers. However, be careful not to fall into the ridiculous, daring to go out with your 3 stripes pants in fleece or jersey, if not to make a running session!

The wearing of jogging pants in town must result from a judicious choice, notably at the level of its material. We will prefer a wool, corduroy or suede pants for a chic but comfortable look. These noble materials, quite unexpected for jogging suits, will perfectly match with a "street-style", compatible with a suit jacket and a tie. Who would have thought this mix possible?

Also dare the shirt or turtleneck, associated with a long jacket, on jogging pants slightly loose: a very stylish association!

For a more urban style, opt for the sarouel jogging suit, both light and loose, to match with a close-fitting tee-shirt. You can also try the "neo-jogging" or joggalon, closer to the city pants and easier to match for beginners in terms of wearing jogging! Some models of stretch jeans even have a texture that is close to that of a real tracksuit!

Mistakes to avoid with sweatpants
As we mentioned, the material is very important for wearing a jogging suit outside the gym. Favour noble materials, and definitely forget the jersey and extra-large fleece jogging.

Also, don't choose a jogging suit that is too tight around the ankles and too tight in the crotch, as this can make your jogging suit look ridiculous. Choose a "harem" cut pant, in other words with a very low crotch, and slightly tight at the ankles, or even at the calves.

Finally, if wearing jogging pants in the city is now "in", the jogging set (pants + T-shirt + jacket + sneakers) is definitely "out" and old-fashioned! So choose a 100% cotton shirt or matching loafers to add some chic to your outfit.'s choice:

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