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Fur: a fashion for men

As soon as we talk about fur, the image of a man with a big fur coat immediately comes to mind. But think again, because fur is perfectly suited to men. This perception is the result of the tendency of designers to develop fur items only for mens.

How to wear fur for men?
The fur trend has also conquered men. This breath was most noticeable during the last Milan and Paris fashion show for fall 2022/2023.

The biggest houses have embarked on the creation of men's pieces with fur. Coats, sleeveless vests and down jackets are in the front row. There are even fur bags for men.

The online store Fourure-Privee offers for sale beautiful real fur gloves for men, which will keep you warm.

But, to avoid a bling-bling look, an important rule is to know how to wear fur with simpler pieces. For this, the set of fur and printed pants or fluorescent orange shoes is to be proscribed. The ideal is to wear fur with dark and discreet colors that highlight the fur. But, if you want to opt for a discreet style, a coat with a hood or fur collar will do the trick.

What labels offer fur for men?

Fur has gradually integrated the wardrobe of men. It adds a touch of sensuality and refinement to our companions. Major fashion labels offer fur garments for men. For example, Prada, Givenchy and Vuitton, two giants of fashion, offer men leather and fur items that enhance their silhouette while emphasizing their virility.


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