How To Choose And Wear Your Coat ?

The coat is a winter garment with several characteristics.

When well chosen, it can last a long time and be suitable for all circumstances.

However, it is difficult to choose one, especially with a limited budget.

Designed to help you make your choice, this guide will inform you on everything you need to know about the coat from A to Z: its different characteristics, its different finishes as well as the mistakes to avoid when buying it.

This way, you will be able to make the right choice and quickly spot the good quality items.

How to choose and wear your coat ?
To choose the right coat, you should follow 8 steps:

Know your silhouette in order to choose a suitable model
Choose the material according to the season and the look (sober or casual)
Choose the color according to the trend and your skin tone
Choose the finish: hooded, with fur, with button or closure, style of pockets, etc.
Check if the coat matches your style
Check the sleeve cut and choose a size
Check the quality of the workmanship
What is a coat?
From the Latin mantellum meaning veil, the coat is a long garment covering the hips.

Associated with winter outfits, it is designed to protect against bad weather.

In the Anglo-Saxon world, the coat is known by another name, paltok, translated into French by the term "paletot".

The coat is characterized by an opening on the front and by long sleeves.

Why wear a coat?
Coats are worn for many occasions: parties, work, parties, hiking, etc. Indeed, this garment fulfills several roles:

The coat will keep you warm during your little night trips, the parka will be better suited to protect you from the cold of winter
For those who like hiking in the mountains, the coat will keep you dry
The waterproof coat protects from the rain during the rainy season
Combined with clothing and accessories, it is a perfect complement to a well-defined clothing style.
What are the components of a coat?
On the market, there are more than twenty varieties of coats, all having a few points in common:

An opening on the front (button or closure)
A wide collar
Large pockets on the sides
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