How to choose your first suit?

Nowadays, the majority of men prefer comfort and therefore most of the time wear the famous jeans/t-shirt outfit, sometimes accompanied by a jacket. However, some occasions require a more refined outfit, whether for work, for a festive occasion or simply for the pleasure of dressing elegantly. This is why it is important to have a suit in your wardrobe. Nevertheless, be careful! It is useless to rush on the first 2 pieces. Indeed, the choice of a suit takes into consideration 3 criteria not to be underestimated: the cut, the color and the fabric.

Choose the cut of your suit
The cut of a suit is the most important element: it will determine the look. To find the perfect suit in Lyon as elsewhere, it is essential to choose the right size.
First, the jacket: its size is determined by the half chest size. For example, a size 44 will correspond to a chest circumference of 88 cm, a 42 to 84 cm, etc. ... However, the size of the body will also determine the size.

As for the sleeves, they must fall just above the wrist, leaving 1 cm of shirt visible. Finally, the jacket must reach the bottom of the buttocks, and the pants to the ankles, either just touching the shoe, or breaking only once.

By definition, ready to wear is a standard size. That's why a suit will always need to be altered to fit perfectly. Very often, in specialized stores for men in Lyon, alterations are offered and sometimes even free.

Choosing the color of your suit
Very often, suits are cut in rather dark colors, in shades of gray and blue. For a first suit, navy blue as well as medium gray are safe choices, especially in a plain version. Indeed, these colors are the assurance of a versatile and all-purpose suit: at the office, for a social event or a wedding, it will be the perfect ally.

Choose the fabric of your suit

Wool is the most commonly used material in the making of suits. Indeed, because of its naturalness, this material is a very good thermal regulator. It can also be worked in many ways and give many fabrics with a varied appearance.

There are of course other materials used to make suits, especially for summer models. This is particularly true of cotton and linen. These fabrics are light and comfortable to wear, but they wrinkle very easily and are not the best for a meeting, a wedding or any other important event.

This is why it is more reliable to choose a well cut, quality wool suit. Finally, it is also important to accompany it with a nice shirt as well as a pair of matching shoes to perfect this good look.

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