How to dress for cold weather:

Knowing what to wear when it's cold is an integral part of your personal style. You are not going to give up your style 3 months out of the year; and sometimes more depending on where you live. Your desire to dress well and stay stylish in winter, while being warm, should not leave you. But the winter season is not the easiest time to dress with style: how to stay warm while not looking like a Michelin man? And how to stay comfortable at the same time? Here are 10 must-have clothes to protect you from the cold once and for all + 4 ready-to-wear looks. All while guaranteeing style and elegance for women. You'll be able to juggle your clothes and stay warm while mastering your style. Pretty tempting, isn't it?

how to dress when it's cold

3 rules to dress well when it's cold
3-layer rule: the onion method
To guarantee warmth, you should always dress with 3 essential layers on your upper body:

the base layer, close to your body. It protects your skin, keeps you warm and wicks away moisture. It is better to choose a thermal base layer in a quality material. I'll tell you more about this below. Concretely, it is a t-shirt or a tight top in a technical material. It acts as a second skin.
the intermediate layer. It insulates you. Specifically, it is a sweater or a cardigan in wool or cotton among others.
the top layer. It protects you from bad weather (rain, wind). Specifically, it is a woolen coat or a parka in technical material.
For the lower part of your body, think of wearing leggings or tights under your jeans or pants. If you are wearing a skirt or dress, consider wearing thick tights.

how to dress for cold weather

The 4th layer trick
If the 3 layers are not enough, don't hesitate to add a 4th layer: either between the 1st and 2nd layers, or between the 2nd and 3rd layers. What does this mean in practice?

Wear a thick wool vest over your 2nd layer (sweater/cardigan) before putting on your coat. I advise you to have at least 40% of quality material in the composition of this piece (example: 30% mohair, 10% wool and 60% acrylic at most. The best is to make the percentage of natural and quality material as high as possible to stay warm in case of cold weather).
If the weather is moderately cold, you can rather wear a denim, flannel or chambray shirt under your sweater. It's a very stylish layering look. Which doesn't spoil anything for your look we agree.
how to dress when it's cold

Cover up rule
Simply think about covering your skin as much as possible: long-sleeved tops, longest possible bottoms, turtlenecks (for the latter, you can opt for a tight, loose or funnel turtleneck depending on your neck and the model in which you feel most comfortable).

If you like skirts and dresses, nothing prevents you from wearing 'sweater' models and tights. Or even 'tube' models + tights.

how to dress when it's cold

Temperature rule
Think of your internal thermometer: you must always keep a high temperature close to your body. This requires quality materials. They are all the more important in winter: cotton, wool, cashmere, merino, linen (and yes!), thermal materials. This is the opportunity to check the little quality label before buying the piece you want.

An example: the Uniqlo brand offers its 'heattech' range for optimal insulation in cold weather. Having tested it, I can confirm that this range is reliable, practical and comfortable. Several models and cuts are proposed: tops, short, 3/4 or long sleeve t-shirts. Don't hesitate to try several to find the piece that suits you best in terms of comfort and style.

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The Coat
The coat is your winter essential. You might as well invest in a quality coat that you will wear for several seasons rather than wearing a poor quality coat that you will have to change every year. And you'll get cold with it. It will be good for your style budget. Since the coat is a piece that is worn on a daily basis and is the 3rd layer of the puzzle, it is important to take the time to choose the right cut, color and material because it defines your personal style. Ok, but what is a proper coat?It should be made of one or more of these materials: mostly wool, moh
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