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How to dress stylishly in winter for a man?

Men's winter coat
Winter is setting in...for a little while. It's time to get your warm clothes out of the closet and why not treat yourself by completing your wardrobe with a man's must-have clothes for this winter.
Here are some tips on how to dress in style in winter when you're a man!

Before we get into the pieces that make up your wardrobe and offer you a selection of brands to guide you in your choices, here are some basic rules for building a winter outfit.

A winter wardrobe for men is a mix of natural, comfortable materials and layered pieces. It also allows for more stylistic experimentation, as you wear more clothes 😉

Rule of thumb: protect yourself from the cold and rain!
Cover your be warm
We lose 50% of our body heat through the head and more generally 80% through the extremities. So wearing a hat, gloves, good shoes and a scarf on your neck are essential for a pleasant winter.

Wear quality be comfortable
Itchy hats, fluffy sweaters, shoes that get wet, nothing is more unpleasant! So for the winter, even more than the summer, buy perhaps less pieces but opt for natural and quality materials: wool, cashmere, silk, leather, waterproof will spend better days.

Follow the 3 layer rule...
To be neither too hot nor too cold, not to get wet...layer your clothes, as hikers do so well.

An absorbent layer: worn close to the body, soft, it avoids contact with the itchy sweater! Ideally, it is made of synthetic material to absorb moisture. It can be a polo shirt, a shirt or a tee-shirt. Be careful, cotton is pleasant to wear but it does not protect against humidity.
A warm layer: this can be a sweater, a vest or a fleece jacket in a more casual style, to protect you from the cold. You can remove it if it gets too hot.
An insulating layer: windproof and/or waterproof, which protects you from wind and/or rain. It contains air heated by your body, thus insulating you.
This rule followed, you will never be too cold, nor too hot because you will be able to superimpose or remove the layers according to the time of the day or the weather.

Men's winter clothing
The 3 master pieces of winter: coat, sweater and accessories
The choice of the coat:
It is of paramount importance because it will protect you from the cold and bad weather. This year again, the coat, the parka and the down jacket are unanimous in their usefulness and their style.
Choose a quality piece that will last several years. Better to spend a little more, you ensure comfort, warmth and lasting style. It is easy to differentiate between good and bad quality coats: the fall on the shoulders must be impeccable and its thickness consistent.

For coats or overcoats, choose wool. The coat, is the most stylish top piece and the most suitable for chic outfits. However, the down jacket/parka can also be worn over a suit. On the high end, try Herno, an Italian manufacturer of men's outerwear. It is, in my opinion, one of the musts of elegance and beautiful quality. For more affordable, yet chic styles, you can opt for Calvin Klein or Pierre Cardin.

For down jackets, make sure they are made of feather or down and not "foam". You can opt for a cold weather parka/doudoune, which is very fashionable these days. You will find them at Nobis, Canada Goose or Parajumpers, which resist up to -30° or -50°. Ideal for the mountain, motorcycle or the stands of soccer stadiums, they are also very trendy in the city.
As our winters are getting milder and milder, Jott or Ralph Lauren down jackets are a good compromise between warmth and price, in their incomparable style. For a more sportswear style, Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger offer a wide choice of colors and shapes.
And don't forget the Italian style of wearing a sleeveless down jacket under your jacket or coat. For these pieces, I recommend Uniqlo or Colmar, the Italian transalpine brand.

For parkas, the important thing is that the outer fabric is waterproof. Then make sure that the lining is perfectly insulating. In a timeless gentlemen farmer style, Barbour offers waxed cotton jackets totally waterproof with warm linings. Bugatti and Eden Park, will suit the more classic, with well cut, warm and waterproof parkas for some

The sweater, a must-have in winter:

This winter, sort out your wardrobe. To do this, whether it is wool or cashmere, it is important to bet on quality: choose between merino, alpaca or cashmere. If you're not the chilly type, stick to cotton or mixed sweaters: cotton/cashmere or cotton/silk. The plain sweater is the easiest to match, but for winter and to vary your looks, you can also choose a sweater with ribbed or twisted knit, which you can find at Ralph Lauren or Gant.

If you want a sweater for life, turn to Saint James or Paul&Shark, in our opinion, the top of the timeless, warm, eco-responsible and eternal sweaters.

Almost all brands offer sweaters, we recommend Marvellis for good basic colorful V and Tommy Hilfiger for mixed wool / cashmere.

Round collar, half-zip or turtleneck, it's a matter of taste. The half-zip collar allows to protect your neck, while being, these days, more fashionable than the turtleneck. However, there is nothing like a turtleneck to protect your throat!

As an alternative to the sweater, the cardigan is also trendy, choose it in large knits and in sober colors, as at Eden Park or Tommy Hilfiger, over a tee-shirt or a shirt closed to the collar.

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