How to dress warmly when it's cold?.

Just like animals that get a fur when winter comes, we must also equip ourselves accordingly. However, our body's worst enemy is not so much the cold as the variations in temperature between the outside (frozen sidewalks, wind, snow) and the inside (overheated offices, improperly set home thermostat). Also, constantly changing from hot to cold is rarely done without damage. Dressing in winter consists above all in knowing how to multiply the layers and make the best combinations according to the context so as not to be too hot or too cold, i.e. having a fur coat.

The essential technique when one wishes to protect oneself from the cold is to stack one's clothes in successive layers, so as to remove them according to the ambient temperature. This solution allows you to trap air that isolates you from the outside. The whole question is to know what these layers are and in what order they should be applied. There are essentially three layers of clothing. The first one is a breathable layer: in contact with the skin, this layer allows to evacuate the natural humidity of the body and not to perspire in case of effort. You can opt for the fur coat to fight against the cold.

Choose a long fur coat instead, so that the hips and kidneys are perfectly covered. It is also preferable that the coat be well curved: indeed, a coat that is too wide or in which you are floating will let air pass through too easily. Opt for a coat with a zipper: a coat with a button would be less effective against the cold. You should also choose a coat that can be closed up to the top of the neck.

When venturing into the extreme cold, when traveling in the polar regions (or almost), or as a professional working outdoors, what are the most effective clothes?
You have the choice of a fur coat to fight the winter cold.
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