How to dress well when you're a man?

Between streetwear and relaxed chic, discover my selections of pieces and shoes for men, sneakers, underwear and jewelry to be a well dressed and elegant man.

Choosing your look
When choosing your look, I always do it according to the context. It will always depend on the circles you frequent, your age, your relationships, but also and especially your desires. I obviously don't pretend to know yours, but you, on the contrary, will be able to identify precisely the important things to know to dress well.

Is it to go to work? If so, what is your job? How are the people who work with you dressed? Is it for everyday life? What is your age? What are your color preferences? What is the season? What image do you want to portray of yourself?

In any case, the answers to your questions will guide you to different looks, thanks to the articles in this section.

The hard-working suit look
You might think that a suit is very expensive. But there are many good deals out there! It all depends on the quality you want, and therefore the budget you have. But don't be fooled: it is possible to find quality suits and even custom-made suits for very reasonable prices (which does not mean affordable).

For example, for less than 200 €, you can find nice suits in big stores. For about 300 €, there are stores that offer well-made suits and even custom-made suits. For more than 800 €, you can really go upmarket and go to luxury tailors.

A nice shirt is expensive. However, if you want to find a solid collar, don't hesitate to spend a little more money: you'll be more elegant. Check out these very good French brands for a reduced price.

Finally, for the shoes, choose a leather whose color you like and is about the same shades as your pants.

The well-dressed urban look
There is much less to say about the "well-dressed" urban look: the choices for men are quite varied, this is how I dress most often.

Don't hesitate to alternate colors, and to make reminders of colors, for example between the strap of your watch and the color of your shoes.

Depending on the image you want to send back of you, you can opt for more flashy colors, or on the contrary more sober.

To conclude, to be well dressed, many solutions are available to you, depending on your desires and the context. To be well dressed, it is above all to like your clothes: then, make yourself happy!
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