How to pack a suitcase with winter clothes

Do you have to travel in winter and do not know how to put all those big warm clothes in the suitcase? When packing a suitcase with winter clothes have you been left wondering how you're going to save that heavy jacket without taking up all the space? We explain how to pack a suitcase with winter clothes without dying in the attempt.

5 keys to packing your winter suitcase successfully
These five keys are detailed below:

Opt for basic garments.
That pair of basic sweaters that go with everything, jeans and pants ... Think well and put in your suitcase a few items. And if possible, make sure they are very combinable. Change some accessories and you can get different looks.

Wear some clothes
You can choose to wear your coat, boots and the heaviest sweater both the day you go out and the day you come back. Underneath the coat you can even wear that leather jacket you love so much.

Use compression bags
Although it may take a little longer to pack your suitcase, it is definitely worth using these bags, especially if you are going on a long trip and have to carry a lot of clothes.

Some tips for packing your suitcase
You can carry a lot of clothes rolled up, socks in balls and stuffed in the holes of the suitcase and use the shoes to store some things in them. Keep hygiene and beauty products in travel-size containers.

According to the place
Think carefully about your destination. If you are going to the snow, for example, choose some special clothes that generate heat. These can be thermal T-shirts and fleece.

Now that you know how to pack a suitcase with winter clothes, follow these tips and show off your luggage with your colleagues!
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