How to wash winter clothing after a closet change

How to wash winter clothes Useful tips and tricks
The arrival of spring is the ideal time to reorganize your closet. Here are some useful tips for washing your winter clothes.
Spring is here! It's finally time to enjoy the good weather with our summer clothes and to put away the garments that have accompanied us during the winter until next season. However, before doing so you must make sure they are perfectly clean and immaculate, to avoid the spread of bacteria during the months when they are not used and leave them ready to wear next year.

First, pay attention to the fabrics: wool and other typical winter fabrics, such as cashmere and velvet, are very delicate and require special treatment. First of all, check the label to see if the fabric is machine washable, and then carefully follow the instructions in our article.

How to wash wool clothes
Use a very mild detergent, specially designed for wool, and don't forget the fabric softener (alternatively, you can add a natural softener, such as vinegar, to the wash water). Select the appropriate program for wool or a program for delicates with the minimum spin speed, and set the thermostat to no higher than 30°C (86°F). You should pay the same attention to your wool garments as you do to baby clothes. It is very important to take the clothes out of the washing machine as soon as the wash is finished, as wet wool tends to clump very quickly. Another small tip: if you don't want to use the full spin, wring out the wool garments wrapped in a towel to remove the water.

How to wash cashmere garments
Although cashmere is one of the most delicate fabrics available, this does not mean that it cannot be machine washed. Just follow a few simple steps to avoid damaging it. To start, put the garment inside out in the washing machine or, better yet, in a specific bag for washing underwear. Then add a very small amount of mild detergent for wool and select a short program for wool or delicate garments, at a temperature that should never exceed 30°C. Finally, make sure that the full spin function is turned off or set to a low setting.

How to wash velvet garments
It is good practice not to use hot water to wash velvet. Generally this fabric is not treated with very wash-resistant colors, so it tends to fade in water. Therefore, to prevent your favorite garment from fading and the rest from being stained, always opt for a cold wash and insert a color catcher wipe in the washing machine to avoid unwanted transfers. To avoid damaging the fabric, turn the garments inside out so that they do not rub during washing, which would cause them to lose fibers and thus be irreparably damaged. Always use a mild liquid detergent suitable for wool and avoid powder detergent.
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