How to wear a coat over a suit

Wearing the right coat to match your suit, no matter what style it is, can literally make your look better. While it may seem simple to choose and combine a coat, it is essential to choose it correctly in order to enhance your entire outfit.

It's coat season and chances are you're in the process of buying one (unless you've already done so)! To help you with this process and learn how to complete your look by adding this must-have piece, read this guide written especially for you.

Coat styles
There are different types of coats. The first thing to do is to identify the type of coat you like; what is your style? When will you wear the coat? What style of clothing are you likely to wear under the coat?

To give you a better idea of what we mean by this, let's look at an example: what works well with a trench coat may not work with a long wool coat or a pea coat. You also need to consider color; choose a tone that matches the rest of your winter wardrobe.
If you don't want multiple coats and would rather have one coat to wear over your suits, consider the colors of your winter suits, as they are likely to be in different shades than your mid-season suits for example.

men coat suit


The elegant long coat
This coat can be worn over any style of suit. Classic colors such as grey, black or brown will easily match any suit. This style can be paired with your formal wear as well as your business wear. It is suitable for both formal and casual wear. If you want to make changes, add your personal touch to the style, for example, you can change the pockets or the buttons of the coat. Remember that you can always customize your coat and add/remove/modify the features you want.

men grey coat men camel coat

Grey coat 100% wool Camel long double-breasted coat

Trench Coats
The trench coat gives a stylish and sophisticated look that suits most men. The trench coat is a classic staple to wear over a suit. Although this look is more common, it doesn't take away from its elegance and chic. When choosing this classic look you can't go wrong! If you're not sure what coat to buy this season, a classic beige trench coat will be your best bet.


By clicking here you can customize your trench coat and choose different colors, such as a trendy black or navy blue.

The Coats
The caban works well for everyday work as well as for the weekend. Its style can be casual if you combine it with less formal clothes or remain elegant and chic if you want to wear it in a more professional way.
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