How to wear a jogging suit?

Before, jogging was reserved for sports classes, weekend "bakery" outings and Sunday sofas. For a few seasons now, we've been wearing jogging suits like we wear mom jeans. The comfort in more.

As a result, the jogging has become a trendy fashion piece like any other. Seen on the catwalks of all the Fashion Week shows, sportswear fashion but also streetwear, it is the ultimate. The proof.

What to wear with a jogging?
The key is to choose the right model. In the same way that we choose trendy shoes with care, it is here that everything is played. The flowing jogging with side stripes (snap option) has been a hit for some time. The fearful will start with a black or blue model. The others will dare the color like red or yellow. As for the fleece tracksuit, it remains a possibility. Complicated but not unfeasible.

Then, it's always the same story: you just have to find your style. The most shy will opt for the combination of chic and street. With the jogging, they wear a silk blouse, a bardot top or a one shoulder top. In winter, it will be straight coat and cashmere sweater.

The most seasoned, they will dare the total street look. Here, the tracksuit is first degree. The sportswear fashion at the bottom of the balloons. In this case, the jogging is combined with a bra in summer or with a maxi sweater in winter, always with a pair of trendy sneakers.

Where to find a jogging suit?
The jogging, we find it everywhere but especially in the collections of sports brands.

You want a jogging with pressure? The Adibreak model signed Adidas Originals is obviously one of the fashion essentials. There is also a model at Kappa, Nike or Fila. For those who do not want a logo, they can count on brands like Asos, Kiabi or Pretty Little Thing.

Fleece version, the jogging is not left behind. You can find classic gray models at H&M, Esprit or Uniqlo. Online, go to La Redoute, Asos or Amazon. And if you want a fleece jogging suit with a brand name, you can find models at Reebok, Nike or Lacoste.

Now you have all the answers to wear the jogging in the city with style.

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