To be trendy without looking it, first of all, our hairstyle and our make-up (whether nude or sophisticated), must be worked more than ever, at the risk of offering a neglected silhouette. If you slip into a jogging suit at home, bet on thick and high socks, which will warm up your look, but also your feet. Then to falsely discipline your hair, opt for a coiffed bun that will boost your outfit without any headaches.

On the city side, to walk the pavement in jogging with brilliance, accessories are in order. Gold jewelry, sober handbags and a kerchief tied behind the head subtly upgrade this sportswear piece. With a loose fit or close to the body, in spring, the jogging suit is worn cinched at the waist. And for the more seasoned, don't hesitate to roll up the hem, and pair the joggers with a bomber, a hoodie with a logo, a mock perfecto or even a structured blazer. We assure you, these gimmicks will make their little effect!

Much more chic than it seems, the jogging is reinvented endlessly. And for good reason, brought back to the forefront of the fashion scene, sportswear outfits, give a hard time to designers who have to redouble their imagination to reedit them to the taste of the day.

Monochrome as logotyped, the jogging is a matter of style! In fleece, organic cotton, velvet, but also with snaps or split pants, the jogging dope our fashion quotient in a flash! At the top of our wish list?
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