how to wear a jogging suit in 2021?

Incredible but true, the jogging is replacing the jeans. Even more comfortable than the latter, it brings a hyper trendy and cosy sportswear touch that we can't get enough of. Moreover, all the most stylish girls have adopted it. How to wear the jogging in 2021? We tell you everything!

This garment has become THE most desirable piece of the moment. Worn as a total look or simply as pants, the jogging suit offers the comfort that we all want to have at the moment. And good news, it is even ultra hot. So to give us a look of lazy assumed, here is what you need to know about the trend of jogging in 2021.

What top to wear with a jogging suit?
Having become the pants of all the covetousness, the jogging can be a real headache in terms of association. However, against all odds, it matches with many tops. If Cristina Cordula opts for a khaki blouse, Caroline Receveur for her part, opted for a tank top like a corset. The good idea? She adds a denim shirt and the result is hot. For a sure value, you can also bet on a t-shirt more or less close to the body. It will be your ally the days when you are in lack of inspiration.

To stay chic, we advise you to wear your jogging pants with classic pieces like a straight coat or a trench coat if the temperatures are still low. Paired with Nike sneakers (the star sneakers of the season) and a coveted Pouch bag, you have the most stylish look of the moment.

How to wear the jogging in total look?
For the lazy ones, we have the solution. Go for a coordinated outfit! Since the beginning of the pandemic, many brands have been offering cotton sweatshirt outfits that are easy to wear outdoors. To stay trendy, all you have to do is add a few accessories like a designer bag or trendy jewelry to feminize your outfit like Josefine H.J. It has never been so easy to be stylish
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