How to wear a jogging suit in the city?

Twenty years ago, jogging suits were seen as the preserve of rappers and sportsmen without style, but today this comfortable garment has been democratized. So much so that it is everywhere. On all the catwalks, in the glossy pages of magazines and on the Instagram accounts of the most bankable influencers ... The jogging is proudly displayed. But some are still a little reluctant to adopt it. "Will they think I'm in the middle of my seasonal depression or that all other my pants were dirty?". Let's forget these preconceived ideas. Jogging is chic if it is well chosen and well associated with the pieces that honor it. Besides, there are a few rules to know before getting started.

We all have the image in mind of the overused sweatpants, deformed and on the verge of asphyxiation, which asks only one thing: to be used as rags. First rule of thumb, if it's not in good condition, the sweatpants will look sloppy. Clearly, this is not what we want. So we will choose an elaborate one in a nice material, qualitative and especially in an adequate shape. Yes, second rule: we do not want to look deformed because of a simple polyester pants. It is essential to try it, to choose it not too close to the body but not too loose either. Just what is needed. Third rule: we bet on sobriety. Classicism will always be a wise choice when venturing into new territory. Choose a plain jogging, with bands on the sides for the old school look and a discreet shade.

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Obviously, everyone is free to appropriate the jogging as he wishes. In its own way, it is a revolutionary garment that must be kept rebellious. But certain combinations of pieces work every time with jogging. What we love is the shift proposed by the association jogging + blazer jacket. We opt for a pair of heeled boots and the look is at the top. For a less working-girl look, you can easily take a vintage denim jacket, a colored satin shirt and a pair of classic Converse. And, of course, nothing prevents the traditional jogging/sweatshirt/Nike Air Max combo... Because it's in the old jars that we make the best jams, right? Here is our selection of 19 jogging pants to shop.

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