How to wear a long coat ?

If you still do not know what style to choose, we present you the great trend of this winter, the long coat. You should know that the coat is one of the most important pieces for your wardrobe. For this, it justifies its price.

A coat for a morphology

Depending on your body type and shape, each piece will not highlight you in the same way. So, if you are rather small (around 1m65), aim for coats that stop at the waist or just after. If you decide to go past mid-thigh, you'll be sort of "visually packed" as opposed to looking slim.

If you're a taller person (around 5'10"), you can try different long coats, such as the straight cut raincoat, the ulster or the parka.

How to match your coat ?

Let's start with the colors, in most cases it will be smart to balance your coat with discreet elements: a solid color sweater, raw jeans... Just keep in mind that a straight coat should appear as the essential element of your outfit, and adjust just a few high-end details. To avoid taste mistakes, opt for a gray, blue or beige garment.


Wool: it keeps the heat in for the winter.
Leather: sheep leather with wool preserved (and therefore inside the garment) is a good idea to keep warm.
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