What are the trends for men's coats, jackets, parkas, cabans and trench coats for this winter? In men's ready-to-wear to endure the cold, sheepskin fur will be in fashion, without forgetting the great return of denim and leather. But the big trend will be the down jacket in all its forms.

Men's winter 2020 coat trends guide
Men's coats on La Redoute's website allow you to face a harsh winter or just to wait between two seasons.

Chic, to go with a suit or just for the average person, choose your warm jacket, coat, parka or down jacket according to your taste and mood.

Let's remember here that the high-cut influences somewhat the ready-to-wear man of every day. The great designers have opted (in addition) for well-cut oversized outfits, the return of leather and retro denim, the addition of fake fur and sheepskin fur in lining or collars, etc..

Sheep fur

Sheep fur brings softness to the coat if used as a lining. But this year, it is especially at the collar that it will be worn and visible. It will be found as much on the collars of jackets, jackets or coats and this regardless of the material, cut or color.

Very stylish on a leather pilot jacket with lining and collar, it will do its job on a simple collar of a denim jacket. In double plus collar on a long or even very long coat, it will bring a cozy aspect, the coat enveloping the man like a protective cocoon, ideal in case of great cold.

Jackets and coats vintage
The charm of the old years is back. Leather and denim (fabric from which jeans are made) remain safe values.

We will find leather in pilot jackets, aviator jackets, leather jackets or jackets with round collar. With front pockets, zippers, buttons, snaps matte or glossy leather, there will be for all choices.

Denim will be seen more with an inner lining, especially to face the deep winter, but it will not be uncommon to find it in lighter jackets of between seasons. The fashion factor will be mostly the revisited cuts of the 80s.

The down jacket
This winter 2020/2021, the men's wardrobe will easily be embellished with a down jacket. In light or very warm version, they will allow to face a mild climate until a rigorous winter.

The down jacket will still compete with the parka, even if it loses speed, with or without hood, with or without fur (synthetic or sheep).

Trendy colors
Regarding color, the trends will be dark blue, camel and new khaki green. The red will also be part, very seen this summer, it continues its momentum without dethroning the basic dark colors of jackets and winter coats.
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