Men's fashion trends

Just as with women's fashion, each season sees the launch of new men's fashion trends. No exception this year. Let's take a quick look at what to have in your men's wardrobe for the beginning of year.

Men's fashion: clothing trends
On the side of clothing to wear this winter 2020 to be fashionable, there are different trends to follow. The knitted sweater is very fashionable. We choose it close to the body or more oversized with large knits. Knitwear is coming back in force and vintage patterns too. We wear his big sweater with straight jeans and boots type Chelsea to remain elegant.

In 2020, we dare the color! Monochrome and color block looks are ultra trendy. However, it is important to choose the right pieces for a successful monochrome look. We can also try the colored suit on a t-shirt or a matching sweater. On the feet, you can choose a pair of shoes that matches but that breaks the monochrome, why not double buckles or Richelieu from Alden for example.

As for the coats, in 2020 the short coats are making a comeback. The cuts type teddy, perfecto and bomber will be very fashionable. We do not hesitate to wear a casual jacket over a suit. You can also associate your short coat with a nice turtleneck sweater. We also love the blazer jacket over a sweater with raw denim.

man with glasses wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a beige coat
2020: which shoes are fashionable for men?
On the side of shoes, the trends are also numerous. We will love the lace-up boots for the adventurer side. Chelsea boots are always timeless for a chic casual look. They are worn with everything to break a strict side or bring a chic side to a very casual look.

We always like luxury shoes for men to go with a suit. It is essential to have at least one pair of dress shoes for special occasions. You can choose Richelieux which are the chic model par excellence. You can also turn to the derbies or the double buckles mentioned above.

The sneakers are always so fashionable this winter. Thin, high, monochrome or flashy, all models are accepted. The designers do not run out of imagination for their sneakers. We wear them with everything, including with a suit to break the side too classy. With jeans and a turtleneck sweater, you get an outfit suitable for everyday life. With jeans and a sweatshirt you can create a casual outfit.
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