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Men's fur garment, how to choose?

There are fashion accessories that are indispensable in a modern men's wardrobe, and men's fur is undeniably one of them. An obvious instrument of asserted virility, this article lends itself willingly to the game of seduction, highlighting its noble, design and timeless character.

Indeed, fur is a dashing material that sublimates over time, giving the garment an old-fashioned side that fascinates. Depending on its cut and the assortment it is given, men's fur folds to many clothing styles. For example, it can be worn as a fitted jacket with jeans, battle pants, or fashionable chino pants.

A mid-season outfit, men's fur is best worn in autumn and spring, at the beginning and end of cold weather. It adapts to all morphologies and the models multiply to accompany all desires, from basic casual to the most rock 'n' roll trends. You will choose either short and tight for a dynamic and contemporary look, or soft and straight depending on the effect you want to give it. Of course, the biker version will always be as pale as ever, with its sober and elegant lines that are very representative of its sporty cachet.

For what occasion to wear a fur?
Men's fur can be worn for any occasion, as long as you have the accessories to go with it. Thus, it goes very well with different types of checks, scarves and even with a tie for an elegant rebel style. Stylists and model makers of several brands combine bold shades with more conventional colors. Diesel, for example, offers a navy blue condensed, Scotch & Soda goes from classic black to orange and even dares to use red, while Boss Orange puts camel leather in the spotlight.



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