Parka for men, how to choose ?

Men's parka: tips and tricks for this winter.
The parka for men is not only worn in winter. Many varieties are currently available on the market depending on the needs of buyers.

What kind of parka for each season?
In autumn and spring, opt for a warm and insulating parka. Preferably, choose a model with quilted lining. In summer, the Saharan parka without lining is more suitable. It protects you from the wind without exposing you to hyperthermia. This version is often accompanied by a removable hood that you can remove or not according to your preferences. In case of a very cold winter, opt for a long, multi-layered parka with a water-repellent fabric, a furry lapel and an ultra-thick lining.

Which men's parka for which occasion?
For shopping and work, choose a parka that's part jacket, part coat. Without collar or hood, it will protect you from the wind and will fit your silhouette. If you are in the mountains and plan to go skiing, choose a very thick fur parka with adjustable ends. For your evening outings, prefer a warm but light parka. Opt for a multi-pocket version to store your accessories and keep your hands free. Don't forget the hood to protect you in case of rain.

Which man's parka for which outfit?
If you're wearing a jacket, choose a long parka that covers the jacket completely, especially on the sleeves. A slightly slim-fitting parka is best if you're wearing jeans or leather pants with ankle boots. If you're more of a sporty type of dresser, you'll want to go for a quilted and curved parka, with or without fur.

Below is a selection of trendy parkas for men.

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