Spend the cold weather with the best winter fashion look

Ideas for your winter fashion look
The pandemic has undoubtedly changed our vision of fashion. If before the trend was to go out with the best look, now the fashion is to privilege comfort.

Loose silhouettes, cozy fabrics and a focus on wellness will be the trends for your winter look.

Winter fashion trends for women
Fabric clothing
Comfortable textures such as wool or yarn have long since been found not only in vests.

Shirts, pants, accessories and entire outfits will also enter the world of knitwear.

A total trend that you can not miss in your wardrobe: cardigan and top sets. Here, the idea is that both are the same pattern or color and you can combine them with the accessories you love the most.

Not only will they make you look amazing, but they will also give you extra warmth in this changing weather.

Oversized clothing
If in your 40's you adopted a casual, baggy or comfortable style and now you don't know how to go out, don't worry! This season, comfort will be both in and out of your home and will be key to your total look.

From palazzo dungarees to baggy pants to chunky coats, they'll be trending in your Winter 2021 outfits.

Here's an idea: you can go out with your most comfortable overalls and give it a street style touch with a maxi coat - you'll look like you just stepped out of fashion week!

All brown
One color that will stay in style this cold season is brown. Not only in dark or light shades, but also in the widest range of browns, which will invade the looks of winter 2021.

Here the trend will be to opt for monochrome outfits that will give you a great style. A tip: try to combine different textures to make your look unique and incomparable.

Leather effect clothes
Fur or leather are textures that are here to stay, especially now that low temperatures are approaching.

From a "matrix" style in black tones, to oversized and baggy looks where a great leather jacket stands out and even the trend will reach the shoes.

We recommend adding chunky boots to your wardrobe. They can be tall or short boots, the important thing is the platform that will keep you stylish in the middle of winter.

Quirky blouses
Lace, ruffles, puffed sleeves and bobo collars will be the blouse trends for this winter 2021.

With the low temperatures, we invite you to explore these options and combine them with coats, blazers or vests, they will certainly give your look a very original touch!

A very trendy suggestion is to combine a turtleneck blouse under a cardigan. You will be warm and your outfit will have a unique and interesting touch.

Winter fashion trends for men
Oversized knee length coats
Coats are a trend that always looks good in winter. What will be the favorites of the season? The massive ones and the ones that cover you as much as possible.

You can pair them with a formal suit or with a totally casual style of jeans and sneakers. Whether you wear a jumpsuit underneath or a great pair of pants, a coat will give your outfit a fashionable touch.

The "Dark Academia" style
This style has gained popularity in the fall trends and will likely continue to be seen during this winter 2021.

The aesthetic revolves around literature and a European style that is reminiscent of times past, but with a totally contemporary twist.

Turtlenecks paired with sleeveless cardigans or a chunky wool sweater and a cozy coat, loose plaid pants and loafers will give you an unforgettable outfit.

Oversized Pants
We are moving away from the fashion that imposed tight pants or skinny pants. People don't want to feel uncomfortable in their everyday lives anymore, and that's why wide-legged or bell-bottom pants are a trend that is far from disappearing.

Whether it's a street style with jeans or a more classic style with fabric pants, you'll look great and be 100% comfortable!

Checkered prints
One pattern that will definitely stay in style is plaid. On pants, shirts, jackets, coats and anything else you can imagine.

Don't be afraid of the print! Plaid is a very versatile print that goes well with everything. In fact, a casual look will look very sophisticated with plaid pants.

Additional accessories for the look
This makes many of the
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