Sporty style in the city, how to compose your outfit?

We often talk about "casual chic" look, different styles and in other articles of sportswear. How about mixing the two for once? More than just accessories for performance, sportswear is a real style in its own right that it is clearly a shame to neglect, as the field of possibilities is vast to exploit! Here is a quick overview of what is beautiful in the genre "athlete in the city" or how to compose its sports look thanks to this article from the site Def-Shop!

First of all, you don't need to be a sportsman to feel comfortable in sportswear, as basketball players and others say, the tracksuit, if well worn, can very well make its way to the city outside of training days, the trick is to choose your clothes well and make sure that it is consistent with your everyday look. If you wear a suit jacket and leather shoes more often than a hooded jacket and Airmax, chances are you'll be looked at head to toe when you go to your favorite brewery for coffee. However, if it's brought in gradually, you'll find it very comfortable, easy to move in and easy to wear. After all, sportsmen wouldn't wear this kind of clothing if it didn't feel great.

How to compose your outfit?
The colors
The first aspect on which we can play on the sportswear is of course the color. And I should even say "the colors"! Marriages sometimes improbable in your everyday looks can very well pass on this type of clothing. We can obviously play the card of monochrome, always effective when the clothes we wear are well matched in terms of shape. But we can also mix two colors, with some slight returns to accentuate the consistency of the whole. The accessories will play a determining role here, allowing to mark certain tones more than others to make them stand out.

The cuts
Some will say that the cut does not move, a jacket is a jacket. Nonsense! (And no, I'm not afraid to use words). In the world of sportswear, everything is possible, starting with the very thin, very summery and especially close to the body through the tracksuits a little thicker, very soft or the big tracksuits cut like baggies that are often found on the side of basketball and hip-hop, both in music and dance. It is therefore important to choose the cut of your clothes according to your tastes, your look and your morphology!

The materials
We started to talk about it in the paragraph on the cuts, the material is also very important, whether for stories of season, comfort or lightness. A cotton tracksuit jacket will be heavier and warmer than a small summer jacket which will accompany you more easily on your spring jogging and will let your body breathe much more during the effort. It is therefore important to choose according to all this.

To conclude, I would say that it is especially important to feel comfortable in your outfit, whether it is on the comfort side or from an aesthetic point of view. Be yourself, you are worth it!
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