The best coats for men

But which coat to choose?
In this article, discover all types of coats for winter and my selection of the best coat brands.

Discover in this article :
The qualities of a good winter coat
1. The sober coats
2. The "flashy" coats
Types of coats for men (Winter )
The long coat
The pea coat
The duffel coat
The parka
The down jacket
The waxed jacket
The qualities of a good winter coat
For winter, it is obvious that you want a warm coat.

That said, you can opt for a lighter coat if you like to pile on the layers. This can make for a cool layering look.
An example of layering
An example of layering in blue tones
In terms of colors, there are two schools for coats.

1. The sober coats
You opt for the sober Parisian style.

In this case, the preferred colors are: navy blue, charcoal gray, and sometimes, black.

An elegant way to wear a coat in all sobriety
An elegant way to wear a coat in all sobriety

This is the safest choice.

"Every gentleman should own a good quality coat. Cashmere and wool are the best choices in terms of fabric, while even if black can be appropriate in a pinch, navy blue remains the reference color in terms of elegance and sobriety."

With navy blue, you're almost guaranteed to look good.

2. The "flashy" coats
The second school is to choose more flashy colors or a coat with a more sophisticated look.

Man coat look
Here you can see that these two looks are built around extravagant coats (Photo Vincenzo Grillo)

In this case, you can build your look around this piece.

Choose simple clothes and sober colors. This allows you to highlight it and avoid any bad taste.
Electric blue coat for men
An electric blue coat accompanied by an outfit with rather sober colors
Bottom line:
If you are afraid of a faux pas, start by building a rather sober wardrobe.

Any expert advises to choose a quality coat. It is difficult to be elegant with entry-level. These are pieces that require beautiful materials and a lot of work. So you have to pay the price and not be afraid to invest. Why a high price? Read this article. You will learn more about the real price of clothing.

There are many types of coats that men can wear in winter.
Luckily for you, we've summarized everything below:
I present to you our selection of coats for winter .
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