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The essentials of the sportswear look for men

Whether you are a sportsman or not, sportswear has a place of choice in the men's wardrobe. How to choose a sportswear outfit to wear every day? Is it possible to be elegant while wearing pieces from the world of sports? Discover our advice to adopt a sportswear look in all circumstances and all seasons.

Don't confuse "sports style" with "sportswear
Adopting a sporty style means creating a casual silhouette that allows you to feel comfortable in all circumstances. If the search for comfort is important, it should not mean neglecting your appearance. Thus, shorts and tracksuits are rather intended for sports practice, but also perfectly adapted to relaxation and idleness in general.

The essentials of the sportswear look
Originating with the hip-hop movement in the 1970's, the sportswear look was originally composed of large sweatpants, T-shirts, shorts and sneakers of world famous brands. Today, sportswear is about combining different styles with sports-inspired basics. Discover the essentials of the sportswear look.

The tops
The tee-shirt
Among the must-have tops, the tee-shirt comes first. With short sleeves, it is worn alone in the summer, under a shirt or an overshirt when temperatures cool down. The models are numerous, both in terms of materials (cotton, organic cotton, jersey knit ...) and colors. Sleeveless or short-sleeved, plain or with patterns, there is something for everyone.

The overshirt

Plain or plaid, zippered or buttoned, the overshirt is perfect for the sportswear look! Its neat and casual look will undoubtedly bring style to your outfit. A key piece of the men's wardrobe, it can be worn all year round as it can be worn on its own in mid-season or under a jacket when temperatures are cooler.

You can easily combine an overshirt with a tee-shirt or a plain zipped polo, raw jeans or cargo pants, and a pair of sneakers! The little extra touch? A matching cap.


The sweat-shirt

With a round or trucker neckline, zipped or not, with or without a hood, the sweater is another classic sportswear style. We associate it with jeans, chino or cargo pants. On top, the sweater appreciates the company of a down jacket, a leather jacket or a bomber.

For a fashionable sportswear look, complement straight jeans with a basic tee, a sweatshirt or polo and a classic coat. Pairing with a bomber and a cap also works well.


The polo shirt
For a slightly more chic sportswear look, opt for the polo shirt! The "preppy" style appeared in the 1950s among the elite classes of the East Coast in the United States and has had a major influence on the sporty chic look.

For men, tennis or boating apparel is typical of this style, typically consisting of penny loafers, short or long sleeve polo shirts and chino pants. Creating an effortless "sportswear chic" style, for example, is to choose a nice pair of jeans or straight pants, a polo shirt marked with a patch and striped with wide stripes. On your feet, white tennis shoes will ideally complete your silhouette. Choose sober colors such as ecru, navy blue, white or burgundy. The ultimate accessory for an elegant and sportswear outfit, a beautiful watch with hands...


The  jacket

Thin or thick, with or without sleeves, the down jacket has its place in the sportswear look! In addition to providing warmth, insulation and comfort, it will certainly give your outfit some pep! Its wide range of models, its many colors and its different cuts allow it to adapt easily to sportswear outfits! For a successful look, choose for example a down jacket in bright colors (red for example), a zipped sweater in sober colors (dark gray for example), raw denim jeans and low top sneakers.

Pants in winter and mid-season
In winter and mid-season, opt for a pair of regular straight cut jeans or cotton chino pants, two sober models that fit most figures. Adding an "adventurer" aspect, cargo pants can be interesting. Pair them with a T-shirt or a short or long-sleeved shirt, depending on the season, and a chèche. The colors to choose are beige and navy blue.

Bermuda shorts in summer
When the weather is hot, Bermuda shorts are a key piece of sportswear style. Dark colors (black, navy, burgundy) and plain are easy to match, including with printed tops.

Are you looking for new look ideas? Don't wait any longer to discover our inspirations for successful outfits! Cargo pants, a selection of mid-season jackets or even back-to-school looks, find all our style tips!

What do you think are the essentials for a sportswear look?

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