The long fur coat, instructions for use

The long fur coat is without a doubt the most timeless piece of our wardrobe. It was once intended for a high social class, we saw it in the big cities or in the streets of the most prestigious ski resorts, but over time, it has been democratized. The long coat is not only a simple coat, it is a whole style, a personality, a fashion!

Dare the length!
This fall-winter , the coats want to be long, very long almost reaching the ankles. They were seen a lot on the catwalks of the 2014 fashion shows, where fur was in the spotlight. Whether it is in mink, fox, raccoon, chinchilla or in another fur, this winter's long coat will be a real must have.

Long Mink Coat

We will love to wear it in full mink skins to ensure a flawless luxury and a perfect line, we will find, also, very original models with mink skins of colors that give the impression of a painting.

In fox fur, it is preferable to work in horizontal bands to break the thick and full line that would tend to make "a ball" of your silhouette, however thin it is.

Exit the frank colors, we find this year pastel colors, orange, blue and always the timeless mahogany, pearl, sapphire ... Finally, in finracoon, we will also take it in horizontal bands to refine the line and it will bring a kind of lightness with its long hairs that dance in the wind.

Whatever your choice, the long fur coat can be worn in different ways: belted at the waist, buttoned or open to reveal a pencil skirt, a flared mini dress or very narrow pants. You will be satisfied because this coat will ensure warmth tempered and always a great softness. With the cold of winter, it is necessary to privilege the materials which hold really warm.
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