Tracksuit Style : Why you should wear a tracksuit

Whether it's wearing a tracksuit in style or reviving the "Athleisure" movement, which was a fashion statement of the early 2000s. Tracksuits have come a long way and are here to stay. It used to be unacceptable to be seen in public wearing sweatpants, unless you were smart and strategically carrying a gym bag, or jogging; the testicle-free gray cotton pants were a fast track to social marginalization.

Then something changed. Suddenly you started seeing people you respected wearing sweatpants in public, celebrities now wear them, then your friends started wearing them. No longer reserved for the gym or lazy Sunday afternoons, full body tracksuits are the latest way to be fashionable and sporty. With the new stylish styles available, you can virtually wear a tracksuit in more places than just your local store or your couch. Here are the reasons why you should consider wearing a tracksuit this season.

Although tracksuits come in different sizes, they are all made from a material that allows free airflow around the skin; this is the number one reason a tracksuit is comfortable all day. If it weren't for the incredible warmth they provide, you'd forget you were wearing anything at all; you might even be tempted to wear them to work.

Easy to wear
Designed for sports, men's sweatpants offer total flexibility, even if you don't intend to play sports. Compared to other pants like denim pants, there is a freedom of movement and ease that you feel when wearing a tracksuit. Never has a garment been so versatile. Whether you're working out at the gym or stuffing pizza in your mouth on the couch, sweatpants are always the most practical and comfortable choice.

Easy to style
Sweatpants come in many colors and designs to keep you looking stylish. With winter almost over, expect to see more colors than the standard black and white that predominates this time of year. However, if you simply enjoy the freedom and style that a tracksuit offers, there are trendy patterns and optional accessories to complete the outfit.
It's Trendy
You've probably seen the latest trend - or resurgence of it; We all know that trends come and go, and in the world of street style, the cycle of popularity changes at lightning speed; Wearing a full length tracksuit is a statement that you're in and know what's going on, it's not for everyone. Sweatpants offer a mixed touch that makes dressing up as a guy an event in itself.

It's always classy
Yes, sweatpants have fallen out of style, but the reason is that for a long time, wearing a matching pair of sweatpants was considered a jock and alumni thing, and suddenly that's no longer the case; wearing a full length sweatpants is just plain fun. If you're planning on being "low key" about this, consider wearing one of the following outfits.

It's not news that sweatpants last longer than regular pants or even denim. Even if you buy a cheap tracksuit, you'll enjoy a much longer lifespan than a standard pair of jeans, and that's before the material starts to age. Sweatpants are made to withstand wear and tear - remember, they were designed for athletes, so you get that benefit too.

Comfortably yours
Raise your hand if you like to rearrange your crotch area after sitting for a while? For years, men's sperm count has been slowly depleting under the testicular prison that is skinny jeans. Sweatpants offer all the comfort and versatility you only get from wearing pajamas - with a little flair and style. Unlike cotton jeans that take several washes to get soft and comfortable against the skin, sweatpants are comfortably yours from day one. It's worth checking out our sizing guide; and be sure to browse our catalog to compare different sweatpants and the materials they're made of - in case certain fabrics irritate your skin.

Easy to care for
While some very stylish men's sweatpants may look sophisticated and fragile, they're actually easy to care for as any

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