Mid-range coats cost between €400 and €600. Made of thick woolen cloth, these are truly durable pieces. They should only be made of pure wool and in no case of compound materials. As far as finishing is concerned, these mid-range coats are often offered with a number of functional details: horn buttons, hood or large pockets.

Let's take a look at the mid-range coat brands:
Warm and comfortable materials
A trendy and chic marine look
Comfort at all times
Coats that are "streamlined, simplified and detailed
Coats with a great fit
Coats made in the classic Woolrich fabric
Which high-end coat brands to choose?
Costing between €600 and €1,000, high-end coats are offered by De Bonne Facture. These coats are made of pure wool or a natural fabric made of cashmere, camel skin or mohair. For a garment of this caliber, specialists often use technical materials, including onion skins.

For high-end coats, we suggest the following brands:

Which LUXURY coat brands to buy?
The luxury coats that are flooding the jet set market are: Loro Piana, Hartwood, Belvest, Berluti and Cesare Attolini. Expect very high quality pieces with a scalpel cut and horn buttons, even gold plated! The design will be accomplished and unique, the colors will be the latest trend with sober touches. Robust and weatherproof, such coats have a life span of 7 to 15 years.


To choose a coat, you must first determine the occasion for which it will be worn. Then, you must choose a cut and a model adapted to your morphology. For the details, it will be preferable to choose the material first, a criterion that will strongly depend on the budget. After that, it will be necessary to choose the ideal size with the color of choice. After this step, we check the finish: pockets, hood, buttons, lining, etc.. At this point, it will be time to think about the look you want to adopt as well as the outfit that can be matched with your coat.

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