What coat to wear at what temperature?

As winter approaches, we're all digging into our closets, pulling out coats that haven't seen the light of day in the past few months. There's nothing like being comfortable in a coat, whether you're running errands or sitting in the window of a coffee shop, looking as stylish as ever while enjoying a warm drink while the snow falls. Choosing the right coat that matches your outfit while respecting its purpose of keeping you warm, which is probably the first thing you should think about when choosing a coat as the temperature drops.

In this blog, we'll focus on which coat wears best and at what temperature so you can find the perfect coat for the weather. A coat for day or night when the temperature drops a little or for all year round.

Spring & Fall Coats

Lightweight Coats - Unlined
Contrary to popular belief, coats are not only popular in winter. A lightweight coat is sometimes needed in the spring during mild weather to keep you comfortable, and fall is when you start to prepare for colder temperatures. So, you're trying to figure out what type of coat is going to keep you warm enough during the coldest period without feeling overheated.


The collarless coat is a modern coat that you can wear more casually. The coat is perfect for fall and spring or if you have very mild winters where you live. It has less weight around the neck and can look more exposed. For this reason, the coat is also lightweight. However, if the temperature drops, you can combine the outfit with a scarf without feeling like too much is going on to help you stay warm.

The Caban

For generally mild weather year round, or when the temperature rises a bit in the spring, I would tend to grab my caban. Made of raw wool, the caban was once worn by sailors at sea to keep them warm on the decks. We've adapted this coat, making it stylish and adding features like a slightly lower neck than sailors would have worn so you can see more of your outfit, which is great when the temperature isn't freezing. Coats are spring coats because they are very open and often worn short.

Spring and fall evening coats
Coats are great for daytime, but sometimes in the spring and fall, the temperature drops slightly at night. You may choose to change your coat later in the day. If you're going out to dinner or popping over to a friend's house for a party, I recommend the long charcoal gray wool coat with belt. Not only is the length, color, and style perfect for the occasion, but it's also practical. Darker colors tend to keep you warmer because they absorb more heat than lighter colors. Also, a longer coat gives you more material to keep you warmer and the belt brings it closer to your body to help as well.

Winter Coats

Wool Coats - The Best Insulator
Wool coats in general are a great choice as a winter coat because they are water resistant so they can handle a little unexpected rainfall. Wool is also one of the best insulating materials for coats, which means that an extra layer of wool on your outfit can really help you stay warm.

The Duffle Coat

If you're looking for a coat that can withstand colder temperatures, the duffle coat is a great choice. This is a thick coat that can be buttoned all the way up and is designed to withstand very cold temperatures. The advantage of having a customizable coat that fits your needs. For example, the duffle coat, and many of our other coats that are made to keep you warm, come with the option of a liner. The liner is an extra layer of comfort that is silky, but whose sole purpose is to add an extra layer of insulation to the coat.

Coat Layers
When customizing your coat, you can plan to make room for layers if the winters are harsh where you live or, fit it perfectly over a form-fitting outfit so you don't lose the figure - even while wearing a coat. This means that whatever coat you choose, you can adapt it to the weather or the occasion. You can also add a lining to your coat. This way, you add another layer to your coat that keeps you warm.

Some materials, which are available for all coats, are also snow resistant. This is highlighted by a snowflake next to the fabric. These coats are extremely weather resistant yet stylish.

Finding the right coat for you this winter couldn't have been easier with all the options available to you, whether it's a peacoat or a duffle coat or the option between lined or unlined. You can find the perfect fit and features just in time for the start of winter.

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