What kind of fur for each season?

In fall and spring, opt for a warm and insulating fur. Preferably choose a model with quilted lining. It protects you from the wind without exposing you to hyperthermia. This version often comes with a removable hood that you can remove or not according to your preferences. In case of very cold winter weather, opt for a long, multi-layer fur with a water-repellent fabric, a fur lapel and an ultra-thick lining.

For shopping and going to work, choose a fur style that's half jacket half coat. With no collar or hood, it will keep you out of the wind and fit your silhouette. If you're in the mountains and plan to ski, go for a very thick fur parka with adjustable ends. For your evening outings, prefer warm but light fur. Opt for a multi-pocket version to store your accessories and keep your hands free. Don't forget the hood to protect you in case of rain.

If you wear a coat, choose a long fur that covers the entire coat, especially the sleeves. On the other hand, if you wear jeans or leather pants with boots, a slightly fitted parka is recommended. If you are rather dressed in "sporty" fashion, immediately adopt the padded and bulging parka with fur.

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