There are more than fifty brands of coats. The most famous are : All these brands are available in France and each has its own specificity. Their prices are about the same, except for the luxury brands targeting premium customers. If you are sensitive to the brand image, some renowned designers offer coats at reasonable prices.

For ease of reading, we have classified the coats into 5 categories:

Low-end coats under 200 euros
Entry-level coats between 200 and 400 euros
Mid-range coats between 400 and 600 euros
High-end coats between 600 and 1000 euros
The "luxury" coats at more than 1000 euros
Let's now look in detail at the different brands.

What are the brands of low-end coat to know?
In practice, it is the quality of the garment that determines the range. The low-end coats are composed of organic material of less than 30%. Their linings are made of synthetic fibers, but still keep warm. For a coat of such quality, demand a price below 200 €. COS and Monoprix offer them.

Which entry-level coat brands to choose?
Entry-level coats. They are offered by the same brands that offer low-end products, including Monoprix, COS, but also Carhartt and Follow my Eyes. As characteristics, these products are composed of virgin material of at least 30%. They are the most widespread in France.

In entry level, we propose you the following brands:

CARHARTT : Coats that will last in time
COS : Minimalist cuts
FOLLOW MY EYES : Interesting limited editions
MONOPRIX: For a wise and classic look
UNIQLO : Elegant in any situation
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