Temperatures are falling little by little and the winter coat is essential!
But don't choose just any coat!
Your coat must be both stylish AND flattering for your figure...
That's why we've put together this seasonal shopping list, which will help you find a coat that fits your body AND is trendy.

So, if you are short, don't choose long models. For you it is the 3/4 or short coats that flatter you.
And I chose this very trendy pea coat for you!

Mango pea coat
Mango Coat

This 3/4 model with the faux fur collar is also perfect for you...

Warehouse Coat with Faux Fur Collar
Warehouse Coat with Faux Fur Collar
On the other hand, if you are tall, you can afford longer coats. Long overcoats like this one which are very trendy this season.

Other Stories wool coat
Other Stories wool coat

Now, if you are an "8", that is to say that your shoulders are in the same alignment as your hips and you have a marked waist, do not hesitate to choose a fitted or belted coat. It immediately feminizes your silhouette!
And I found this beautiful model with leather yoke for you.

River Island - Belted Coat
River Island - Belted Coat -

This longer burgundy model is also very nice:

ASOS Belted Waterfall Front Coat
ASOS Belted Waterfall Front Coat

If you're an H, meaning your shoulders are in line with your hips and you don't have a marked waist, straight styles are great!
This one, in pastel, is ultra-trendy!

Straight coat, 60s style ASOS
Straight coat, 60's style ASOS

If you've got big hips, which means you're an A, flared, belted or trapeze coats are perfect for you. Here are two very nice retro models. We want some cheerfulness den winter 😉

ASOS Trapeze Coat
ASOS Trapeze Coat

ASOS Check Coat 60s Style
ASOS 60s Check Coat

If you're a V, avoid models with large collars! What you need are coats with small collars like this one. Camel is very trendy.

Camel coat MANGO
Camel coat MANGO

And if you are curvy, you can fall for the cape, which is both super trendy and a wardrobe timeless.


And the colors of the season?
Of course black coats and gray never go out of style, but we see a return of beige and red. Pastel colors (baby pink or sky blue) are also very IN.
As for prints, checks and leopard print are still very desirable...

That's it! I hope you will find your happiness in this selection

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