Which coat for winter ? How to choose it ? WHICH COAT FOR WINTER ? HOW TO CHOOSE IT ?

The coat is an essential part of our wardrobe and is indispensable in winter. Its first goal is to keep us warm and then to embellish us.
Because a coat is not to be chosen lightly.
The basic rules for choosing a coat: sobriety, material and cut. The simpler your coat is, the better you look.
Choose the material
The main function of a coat is to keep us warm, so whenever possible it is wise to choose a wool coat.

For a winter coat, go for pure wool compositions. This natural material will not only keep you warm, but the "fall" of the piece will be impeccable.

Avoid synthetic materials for a nice coat. If your budget is tight, opt for a compromise between wool and synthetic materials.

But, as I often say, it's better to invest in one quality coat rather than several cheap ones that won't last.

A coat is not a fashion accessory, it is an essential piece. And there is no need to change it every year! By focusing on quality you will wear it for a long time with happiness.

What color to choose for a coat
I want to say: all of them! If you can afford to have several! However, if you have to make budgetary choices, and if your coat is going to last for years, choose neutral tones that you won't get tired of.

Black, navy, camel, gray.

Some people are allergic to neutral tones and prefer to make a more colorful style statement. Why not?

The benefits of the coat
Wearing a coat, besides its power to warm us in winter, has many advantages.

It allows to wear a short skirt with dark tights
It hides an outfit a little neglected
It hides opulent forms
It gives you style
Which coat cut to choose according to your morphology ?
The long "oversize" coat
It is perfect for tall, slim or rounder women. It can be worn with a belt or in a more casual robe style. Be careful if you are small, the coat too long will engulf you and give you a "robe look".

The classic over-the-knee coat
For the small, the medium. It can be worn open, belted or closed with pretty buttons or a zipper.

If you like layering or if you're cold, take a coat that is loose enough to wear over a jacket or a heavy wool jacket.

The slim-fitting coat
Ideal for all slender morphologies, the slim-fitting coat has all the virtues. It refines the silhouette, it can be worn closed like a jacket or open for a more casual style.

The pea coat
Perfect for the little ones! In general, the coat stops at the hips and allows for all kinds of clothing fantasies. For a long time reserved for sporty outfits, it is back in use with a skirt or a long dress. If you are a fan of jeans, the caban will be your best friend.


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