As winter approaches, we're all looking for the perfect coat. The goal is to stay stylish while enduring the freezing temperatures outside. You're going to tell me I'm repeating myself, but don't choose a basic black coat. If you ever feel like it, look around at those women on the street who wear black boots over black jeans and a black coat... it's really not very stylish!

Which cut to choose?
Here are the six most beautiful coat cuts.

1. The Caban
The caban is a classic form of coat that comes straight from the world of the navy. The collar is wide and straight with outlined shoulders, the pockets on the hips have flaps. The buttonhole is double, and there may be a hood.

The pea coat is chosen in navy blue, to recall its origins but also because navy blue is easy to wear in winter. With a raw jean, black, beige, camel, burgundy, green ... I say all colors! So it's a safe bet that you can invest in with your eyes closed.

How to wear it ?
The best is to choose a classic one but with a detail that will make it stand out from the others. Choose for example a plunging collar in fake fur or a golden buttonhole. Choose it short for a rock look or mid-thigh for more comfort.

London Parka Coat

Wear it simply over your outfits from simple to dressy. As explained, there are no color constraints. If you're going out, you can dress it up by adding a printed stole. For everyday wear, opt for a large scarf or even a poncho in a wool and cashmere blend that you roll up around your neck. Go for a color that stands out like a beautiful mottled gray or why not a coral red.

2. The Duffle Coat
The duffle coat is also originally a coat for English sailors of the nineteenth century. It is characterized by its material, a very thick wool, and its particular buttonhole made of rope ties and horn-shaped buttons. It also has a hood that descends to the neck. The duffle coat is an ideal model for the cold ones!

Choose it in a navy blue, beige, red or camel. Avoid black if you don't want to get all kinds of dust and hair on your coat because the material of the duffle coat catches faster than synthetic materials.

How to wear it?
The duffle coat has a straight cut but remains feminine thanks to its hood and its original buttonhole. It has this little British side of the most cute, play the game of the little red riding hood by wearing it with retro dresses and heeled boots.

Silhouette Asos.com

You can also take it out of its origins by mixing it with a rock look using skinny jeans, an oversized sweater and black ankle boots with embellishments. The key to looking dressy with this coat is to accessorize it well, so opt for a chunky bib necklace under your coat.

3. The Parka
The parka is a coat from the military world, that's why it is often khaki color. The parka is ideal against bad weather provided that you choose it lined or lined for the most frigid. The parka is also equipped with a hood, the outside of the coat is in a windproof material.

How to wear it ?
Choose your parka in khaki or camel color. The parka has a straight cut and can therefore be worn as a sport. It is essential to choose a parka that has a tie at the waist so you can tighten it and give it a more feminine look. Go for a parka with gold buttons, leather ties: to make it more dressy, you need to think about these small details.

Zara Parka

Take the parka out of its context by avoiding wearing it with jeans and sneakers. Wear it with your favorite black silk dress and a nice high waist belt in burgundy. The khaki parka also has the advantage of being able to be worn with many colors: black, beige, nude, red, mustard, midnight blue, burgundy ... So do not hesitate to associate it with a multitude of colors.

Give it a boost by wearing it with scarves. One of my favorite tips for staying warm and stylish in winter is to make my own scarf and stole combinations. So mix a camel cashmere stole with a leopard print stole over your parka to shake up its military look.

4. The Cape
The cape is a sleeveless garment that originally lay over others like a blanket. The cape coat is adorable. It will immediately make you look feminine. It is also ideal if you have a bit of shape as it will create uniformity on the top of the figure.
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