Which coat to choose when you are small?

The coat is a key piece of the wardrobe, its choice is not made lightly! To be feminine in this fall/winter season, you will have to choose the right coat, which will protect you from the cold, give you style, and look good.

Are you short?
Kylie Minogue (1m52), Eva Longoria, regularly considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world (1m57), Natalie Portman and Alessandra Sublet (1m60)... Goodbye to the false idea that having a small size prevents you from being stylish and looking good, on the contrary!

We give you some tips that will help you choose your favorite coat adapted to your morphology.

Allure and style

Your first goal if you're short is to not cramp your figure! In order to give you some style we advise you not to opt for long or oversized coats. Why do you think so? Oversized coats often compress the silhouette, which does not emphasize the small legs.

We suggest that you opt for shorter, straight, slimmer cuts. They will allow you to look more slender and to sublimate your silhouette. So go for belted models!

Don't hesitate to choose a coat with patterns (checks, stripes) or faux fur, they draw the eye to other details than your size.

Whether you are small or round, we encourage you to accompany your coats with a pair of heels (pumps, boots). Your legs will be sublimated and your silhouette lengthened.

You are small and thin
We advise you to opt for thick materials such as tweed, fur which will have the advantage of fleshing out your silhouette.

Are you more of a trendy and sportswear look? Go for a bomber or down jacket that falls no lower than your buttocks.

You are more classic? The strict side of the jacket will have the advantage to break this look a little too "little girl". It will emphasize your slim silhouette. We recommend that you choose a coat with a slim fit that will highlight your waist and with a pattern. Why patterned? The print will give your silhouette some relief.

You are small and round
As opposed to the previous case, your goal will be to "camouflage" your curves. For your silhouette, coats with a skater or trapeze shape will be good allies.

Unlike long coats, they will highlight your legs, hide your hips and rebalance your figure.

The trapeze coat will have the advantage of highlighting your shoulders and hiding your small belly and your hips.

As for the skater coat which is fitted at the waist and flared at the hips will highlight your round silhouette.
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