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Which man's coat for which style?

Winter hasn't arrived yet but we like to anticipate the seasons to make sure we're ready in time. It's a question you ask us a lot to know: what kind of man's coat to wear according to the different styles we can address and according to the situation, so here are the tips we can give you on the subject.

Finding the right man's coat according to his style
Depending on the look we have, each coat will complete the outfit. It's an element that some men underestimate, yet it covers our entire outfit and gives the first impression of our style to others. So it's important to choose it well. You will find in this article the types of men's coats that will go with what you are wearing underneath.

In mid-season, it's never easy to find the right coat. There are some very nice little jackets for a weekend look and for the other days, trench coats are recommended. It goes as well with a suit as with jeans and a sweater. It will bring this shower of sophistication because it immediately dresses an outfit unless you have opted for a jogging outfit . 

The polar cold is gradually coming down on France (at least on the northern half). Big coats, scarves, gloves and caps are out. This is also the time to take stock of the winter business that we wish to renew. "I'm tired of carrying around the same jacket for 3 winters", "Raz le bol de cette doudoune qui perdoune ses plumes" (I'm tired of carrying around the same jacket for 3 winters). In short, it's time to buy a new warm top.


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