Which man's coat for which style ?

Winter is not yet here but we like to anticipate the seasons to make sure we are ready in time. This is a question you ask us a lot to know: what type of men's coat to wear according to the different styles we can tackle and according to the situations, so here are the tips we can give you on the subject.

Find the right coat for your style
Depending on the look we have, each coat will complete the outfit. It is an element that some men underestimate yet they cover our entire outfit and gives the first impression of our style to others. So it is important to choose it well. You will find in this article the types of men's coats that will go with what you wear underneath.

The trench coat for an elegant look
In mid-season, it is never easy to find the right coat. There are small jackets very nice for a weekend look and for the other days, we advise you the trench. It goes as well with a suit as with jeans and a sweater. It will bring this shower of sophistication because it dresses up an outfit immediately unless you have opted for a jogging set...

The trench coat for the sophistication of your outfit
The parka to wear over a suit
It is not easy to find the right coat to wear over a suit. With some coats, you can feel a bit tight and cramped. Not all coats can be worn over a suit, we advise you in these cases to wear a sober parka without frills. Be careful, we will prefer a long enough parka and not the big short parkas that we could see in the 90s. Find branded coats here like Carhartt, Calvin Klein, Canada Goose, Best Mountain...

The long parka to wear over a suit
The light down jacket elegant and casual
If you want a man's coat for a casual but still elegant look, we recommend the light down jacket sober and effective. It will give you a casual but still sophisticated style. You will remain elegant in any circumstance, especially with the Polo Ralph Lauren or Patagonia down jackets that combine technicality and elegance.

The light down jacket for an elegant and casual look.
The short parka for a more sporty look
On weekends, you may want to have a sportier look, let's say. Then, the trench coat will not be the right choice in this case! We advise you in these cases the parka but short this time. Here is the ideal man coat for a casual attitude.
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