Which man's coat to wear in winter according to the circumstances?

The coat is one of the pieces described as a "must-have" in a man's wardrobe. This garment is both practical and can be a real plus for your outfit. It is very well worn in winter to keep warm, while adding flair to your outfit. Besides, with the various styles that exist, it is normal to be sometimes confused on the type of coat to wear depending on the circumstances.

The coat, for a casual style
The coat is a garment that was originally worn by British sailors. It was, it seems, especially used by the latter who were brought to climb the masts of the boat. This coat was then equipped with a double buttoning to close the side that was most exposed to the wind, and was cut short to facilitate movement. If you are interested in the history of this garment, you can read about it in our My Coat Style section.

With its rather simple cut and cross-button system, this type of coat is particularly suitable for casual style aficionados. It can be worn over a t-shirt or shirt and jeans. You can even find some with a little more dressy style, with silk lapels and a velvet collar.

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Besides, you should know that its cut gives a certain stature to the wearer thanks to the position of the buttons that highlight the torso and keeps the leg length visible.

The coat is usually made from wool or a mixture of wool and polyamide. Finally, you can stay true to the navy style by opting for a navy blue or gray pea coat.

The Chesterfield to play it chic and classy
The Chesterfield was apparently the first overcoat in history. Indeed, if in the 1830s men used to wear a long lounge dress that can be worn inside as well as outside, the Chesterfield will shake up the codes, since it is removed inside.

With its straight and long cut, this type of coat can perfectly be worn over a suit, and especially over several layers of clothing. It is a must-have in terms of formal coat. It is often made of a heavy material, with a velvet collar and a simple buttoning. Its color is often dark: midnight blue and dark khaki.

To know how to match your Chesterfield with an accessory, you can read our article "what scarf to match my coat? This type of coat will be the best ally of the elegant businessman. It brings elegance to your outfit, and highlights your taste for chic outfits.


The parka to be comfortable and stylish
The parka can be worn for a walk in the park, for sports or for a relaxed weekend outing. This type of coat can be recognized by its hood, often adorned with fur, its zip closure and large side pockets. Originally, it was worn in the coldest regions of the world where you need to protect yourself from the freezing wind and humidity at the same time.

Nowadays, it can be worn with an outfit for a night out on the town, or even over a sports outfit when it's too cold to just wear a sweatshirt.

The parka is often made from nylon and silk, and comes in many colors: bottle green, army green, khaki, yellow, red, etc. The followers of sobriety will choose a neutral color like green or gray.

The duffle coat is inherent to the British dandy chic style. This style of coat is easily recognizable with its narrow cut, thick layers often lined at the shoulders, as well as its adjustable hood with ties. This coat is ideal for pairing with corduroy pants and a shirt, as well as boat shoes.

However, avoid wearing it with an overly dressy outfit, as the hood can break up the formality of the outfit. Also, it will tend to constrict the figure of people of modest size. The duffle coat will work best for you if you have a slim figure. The colors that best bring out this style of coat are khaki, camel, navy blue and gray.

It is ideal for an elegant look in all circumstances: at the office, in town, at the restaurant, it will bring the small elegant and sober touch that suits you so well.
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