Sport and style have a special relationship and are almost inseparable. Indeed, it seems long gone the time when a man could just go jogging wearing his good old council t-shirt (or town hall t-shirt, it depends) and a pair of shorts with a loose elastic band. The evolution of society has meant that top athletes are now more public figures in the world than many heads of state. The model they represent coupled with the presence of sportswear in everyday life has made a need go from secondary to necessary: it is important to have style whatever the sport you practice and whatever your physical appearance. With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the basic outfits to wear when playing the most popular sports:

which outfit for which sport
If there is a sport in which style is important, fans know it, it is basketball! Dribbling, reverse layup are usually done with the jersey of a team (NBA). Being considered as a street and outdoor sport for those who walk the playgrounds, the hoodie has a special place. Beware of shorts, regulation length below the knee!

bucks men's basketball outfit

The image used in the introduction is real and running has never had as many equipment manufacturers as today. If the technical side is essential for running clothes, the design is also important. Until recently, men refused to wear long tights, which were reserved for professionals. It is now an integral part of the official panoply of the stylish runner in winter.

men's running gear

Cycling is no longer limited to the great alpine passes of the Tour de France and has seen its fan base soar in recent years. As in many sports, a technical jersey is worn to evacuate perspiration (we like the ones proposed by Le Coq Sportif or the young French brand Café du Cycliste. If generally, we cover our legs with tights for practical reasons, we can also find some models of very adapted pants like the one below. Don't forget the helmet!

men's cycling gear
All fitness disciplines, from the gym to outdoor cross training, require the same thing from their clothing: lightness, ease of movement and moisture absorption. Now, the major sports brands offer ranges entirely dedicated to these practices with roughly the same attributes as those for running. "Sweating in style is important," as Max, our driver, would say.

Soccer is a sport that you have to take sides in, that's the complexity of the style of this sport. When playing with friends, we usually tend to wear the jersey of our favorite club, that's where the mistake can be fatal. For example, I personally know that I would defend a guy wearing an AC Milan shirt (sorry to the fans) more fiercely if I was an Inter fan. However, you wouldn't wear a plain t-shirt to your Sunday game. The best thing is to bet on your national team without the risk of flocking. Also, not necessarily need in 2017 to wear high socks, what a precursor this Laurent Blanc!

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