Why is the size of the coat important?

Size is important for the practice of things. A coat that is too tight will not be able to include layers of clothing. Too wide, it can ruin the look. That's why it's important to choose the garment in the right size.

What are the finishes to look at before buying a coat?
To find the perfect coat, there are certain details to look for. A true expression of style, the style of buttoning can give cachet to the coat. A Caban is normally equipped with a double row of buttons. The hood is also an element not to be neglected to give a cocooning feeling as well as an urban look. It allows to reinforce the convenience of the coat in snowy weather. Finally, don't forget the lining, the real basis of the garment's comfort.

The coat is easy to wear. Its chic version matches all sober outfits. All the elements to highlight them may already be present in your dressing room: shirts, jackets, moccasins, pants, belts, etc...

Like all clothing, the coat is chosen according to your morphology. Smaller sizes will be more emphasized in long or mid-thigh coats: ¾ cabans for example. The oversize versions are not recommended, even for the most adept, at the risk of falling into the nerd's paradise.

A coat can be dressed or casual. In both cases, it is necessary to choose an adapted bottom. According to the cut of the coat, the pants worn must be adopted with to avoid falling into bad taste. For an urban look, matching the overcoat with jeans is imperative. For a casual chic style, opt for a combination of a leopard coat with black pants. The same type of coat will make a great casual outfit with blue jeans.

The first step in choosing a coat is to determine the occasion for which it will be worn. Then, you have to choose a cut and a model adapted to your morphology. For details, it will be preferable to choose the material first, a criterion that will strongly depend on your budget. Then, you will have to choose the ideal size with the color of choice.
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