Many of you have asked us for advice on men's winter coats. What material? Which cut? How to recognize a quality fur coat?

And we understand why. The coat is the centerpiece of our wardrobe when fall/winter arrives. A piece that we will wear every day to fight against low temperatures.

When you want warmth, nothing better than a fur coat (there are several varieties), and it adapts well to the shape of the body.

That's why a quality fur coat made of fur strikes by its color. Take advantage of this advantage to choose a variety of tones: don't exclude shades of green, orange and burgundy if you want to change from blue and grey. A beautiful fur coat brings out the depth of the colors.

What could be more pleasant, in cold weather, than to wrap yourself in a good fur coat?

Fur skin has always been recognized as the perfect material to stay warm in winter. Sheep have curly fur, while lamb offers a fur of incomparable softness. This piece is noble, rare and is a real investment.

Usually, turned over fur is sueded on the outside: it should have an extremely soft touch, a regular velvet appearance and, if possible, little or no traces of veins, stings, etc.

However, it is becoming more and more common to find furs that are lightly waxed (like the Zapa from above) or simply smooth. Inside, the fur should be dense, soft AND even - especially not rough, even if it is curly.

Finally, don't forget one thing: while variants may exist, this coat is not curved. It is even traditionally loose to facilitate movement, and that's what makes it so charming!
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