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With the arrival of cold weather, all girls think about buying outerwear, and often the choice of fashionistas is on a stylish and warm coat. This beautiful and elegant garment can complete the look of everyday and business, romantic or evening. Meanwhile, in order to be fashionable, it is useful to study in advance the current trends.

Fashion coat
By knowing what coats are in fashion, you can easily create a stylish and attractive image that matches the current trends. With each new season, stylists and designers offer the beautiful sex many interesting options that differ in style, cut, color, material and decorative design.

In addition to the classic options, which remain incredibly popular, regardless of changes in fashion trends, there are original novelties. It is necessary to pay attention to them to girls who like to stand out from the crowd and show others their own individuality. Fashionable and relevant winter coat can refer to one of the following styles:

oversized coat;
no button coat;
a coat;
models in the military or urbanism;
products with emphasis on the collar;
options with natural or artificial fur trim;
maxi coat;
minimalist design.
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Coat with fur for winter
A great alternative to a natural fur coat, which not every woman can afford, is a women's coat with fur. These products emphasize the high status of their owner and make her image truly luxurious. Although the collections of some manufacturers even include winter coats, entirely made of natural fur, most models are decorated with this material only in certain areas, for example:

In addition, the coat of the year, designed for winter, can be decorated with inexpensive eco-fur - an excellent alternative to natural raw materials, which is much cheaper. Although eco-fur is significantly inferior to natural fur skins in appearance and durability, it does not require special care and therefore enjoys a well-deserved popularity among girls and women of different ages.

down jacket winter trends
A bulky oversized coat does not hide the figure, although it looks a little loose. This product goes well with clothes of any style and, in addition, does not require the selection of high-heeled shoes. On the contrary, these models look much better with rough boots or flat-bottomed ankle boots.

Elegant oversized coat, winter, differs from previous seasons in the presence of a large number of original details, so it looks much more interesting and attractive. Thus, these products can be complemented with wide lapels, a contrasting belt or asymmetrical slits for sleeved hands.
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