Winter fur

At the fashion shows this summer, it was immediately obvious: this winter, we will see fur everywhere, in your wardrobe as well as on the streets. The stores have already planned it: coats, keychains and details on handbags. In any case: we are fans!

Infinite mix
The classic of choice this winter to be elegant but also to be warm is the faux fur coat. From a cuddly point of view, it's all good! If you prefer a more subtle look, you can also opt for a collar or faux fur finishes on the sleeves. Plus, they're removable? So you totally choose how you want to apply this faux fur trend!

This winter, faux fur accessories are also a must! And not only scarves or gloves, but dare to put the cherry on your look with a handbag made entirely of faux fur. You will see a lot of fellow fashionistas on the streets with shoes, handbags and even jewelry with faux fur details. We figured it out very quickly:
Are you following the trends, but still loving animals? Like many major fashion houses, replace real fur with faux fur, or faux fur. The difference is hardly noticeable nowadays, but with these little tips you will be able to distinguish the real from the fake.

Fake fur is a little bit rougher; real fur is much smoother. But beware: fur is becoming better and better copied, so this test will be more and more difficult!
If you look at the base layer of real fur, you will notice many different types and colors of hair. With faux fur, the hairs are all the same thickness and length.
Try to stitch through the base layer. It's much easier with faux fur, since it's fabric and not leather.
For those who dare: pull out a few hairs and burn them. If the hair melts and smells like plastic ... it's fake fur. Feel like you're burning human hair? Then it's real fur.
With these four tips, you'll be contributing to animal-free fashion when you make your next purchase this winter.

Fur Preferences
Like us, are you completely sold on this trend? Check out this selection of online fur treasures.
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