The best workwear as warm clothing.
Gone are the sunny days of summer to make way for the rainy and leaf fall season where temperatures start to drop and it becomes necessary to change from summer work clothes to warm workwear.

In this post we talk about thermal work clothes, those that allow us to work outdoors without getting cold. From Mas Uniformes we want to show you the models of warm clothing for cold and rainy days and other adverse conditions. You can find sweatshirts, sweaters, raincoats, softshells and parkas.

The warm clothes for work that we propose are ideal against cold, rain and other adverse conditions. Protect yourself from the cold with our garments, they are very innovative models of excellent quality. We are characterized by personalized service and innovation in terms of design. And that is why we present you the best winter work clothes for your company.

You can choose from sweatshirts and sweaters such as work sweatshirts, multi-pocket vests, softshells, parkas and fleeces. And for outdoor wear, discover our padded and reinforced work jackets for the safety and comfort of workers.


-Wear to withstand low temperatures. This is usually specified on garment labels.

-It is better to wear several layers of clothing than just one, since each person withstands the outside temperature in a different way and also to be able to adapt to the changes of the day.

-Inner garments should be able to insulate and wick away body moisture and sweat, so that they perspire properly. Outer layers must have zippers and appropriate systems that allow us to open them quickly.

-Outer garments for outdoor work should have waterproof properties for rainy days.

At Mas Uniformes, we are the largest store of work clothes and have different types of garments capable of adapting to climate changes. You can order your work clothes for cold weather through our website or we are waiting for you in Sepulveda, 109 where you will find all our products in stock and a personalized attention.
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