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Men's Designer Coats & Jackets for Men 

 Designer Coats jacket for men


While often associated with aesthetic detail, the luxury coats of a man's down jacket is initially intended for practical use. Indeed, the real luxury coats which borders the hoods has the peculiarity of not freezing unlike synthetic materials.
In environments exposed to the harshest weather conditions, the luxury coats of the down jacket is of functional importance. It forms a barrier against the cold and protects the face from dry winds.


This winter jacket for men has everything to please. The Classic 4 in 1 mens luxury coats parka is detachable. Our winter parka offers protection against cold and rain. The waterproof and windproof jacket has a warm and durable lining, and with an essential stitching tape, the men's jacket is built to last. No rain outside? Simply remove the outer layer to reveal a warm, lint free fleece.

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Jackets 4-IN-1
The 4-in-1 jackets are available in different fabrics and styles, with a range of technical features. However, they all have in common the versatility of the garment. There is an outer layer (1) that can be worn alone, an inner layer (2) that can also be worn independently, which can be worn as a luxury coats vest (3) and then the possibility to combine the two layers (4) to create a warmer and heavier jacket.

Long parka
Removable lining
Flap pocket
Zippered closure plus buttoning paste
Waist tie

45% fur, 32% cotton, 13% polyamide, - lining: 100% polyamide - filling: 100% polyeste

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