Fashion Luxury Handmade Custom velvet blazer Men's Suit with Sheer Velvet Lapel - Elevate Formal Style | KAYIB

Fashion Luxury Handmade Custom velvet blazer Men's Suit with Sheer Velvet Lapel - Elevate Formal Style | KAYIB

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Elevate Your Formal Style with our Custom velvet blazer Men's Suit featuring Sheer Velvet Lapel

Indulge in sophistication and elegance with the Custom Men's blazer by KAYIB. Impeccably designed to redefine formal style, this ensemble comprises a meticulously tailored blazer and pants. From gala nights to weddings, proms to festive gatherings, make a lasting impression on every occasion.


  • Free Worldwide Shipping and Returns: Enjoy the convenience of free DHL/UPS shipping and hassle-free returns, no matter where you are.

  • 30-Day Returns Policy: Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a 30-day returns policy for added peace of mind.

  • Sheer Velvet Lapel: The blazer features a distinctive sheer velvet lapel adorned with exquisite appliques, beads, and diamonds, creating an air of timeless charm and opulence.

  • Tailored Fit: Our formal tuxedo boasts a tailored fit that accentuates your physique, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best.

  • Premium Craftsmanship: Every detail is meticulously crafted by our expert tailors using 100% Super 130's pure Italian wool, weighing 250 gr/mt, resulting in a sleek silhouette that radiates refinement.

  • Unmatched Comfort: The trousers are designed for comfort and sleekness, complete with a belt for added style. The high-rise Soragna trousers offer a semi-slim fit with side adjusters and a satin side band.

  • Personalization: Each piece is handcrafted and can be customized to your size at no additional cost. Simply reply to your order confirmation email with your measurements for a perfect fit.

  • Model's Choice: Our model wears size 50 (IT-EU) / 40 (US-UK) with a height of 187 cm / 6'13", exemplifying the tailored perfection of our suit.

  • Accessories: Complete your look with accessories available in our tuxedo collection, including bow-ties, pocket squares, cummerbunds, and cufflinks.

Crafted with Finest Materials:

  • Super 130's Italian Wool: Entirely handmade by master tailors in Italy, our suit is constructed from pure Italian wool with a Super 130's fineness, providing a soft, luxurious feel.

  • Wool Weight and Comfort: The wool weighs 250 gr/mt, striking the perfect balance between warmth and comfort, ensuring you stay at ease during extended wear.

  • Superior Fineness: The "Super" number (130 in this case) indicates the fineness of the wool fabric. A higher "super" number translates to finer and softer fabric. With Super 130's wool, 130 km of yarn can be woven from 1 kg of wool.

Care for Your Investment:

  • Dry Clean Only: To maintain the integrity of the suit, entrust it to a specialist cleaner for dry cleaning. Avoid bleach and tumble drying.

  • Ironing: Iron at low temperatures to keep the fabric in pristine condition.

Celebrate in Style:

Choose KAYIB's Custom Men's velvet blazer blazer with Sheer Velvet Lapel to curate your style statement. Immerse yourself in luxury, craftsmanship, and elegance that's tailored to perfection. Make memories that last a lifetime while exuding confidence and refined taste. At KAYIB, we redefine style for your special moments.



Here's a more comprehensive size chart for men's silk shirts and shorts, including US,EU sizes S, L, XL, and XXL:

- Small (S):
- Neck: 14-14.5 inches (35.5-37 cm)
- Chest: 34-36 inches (86.5-91.5 cm)
- Waist: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 32-33 inches (81-84 cm)

- Medium (M):
- Neck: 15-15.5 inches (38-39 cm)
- Chest: 38-40 inches (96.5-101.5 cm)
- Waist: 32-34 inches (81-86 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 33-34 inches (84-86.5 cm)

- Large (L):
- Neck: 16-16.5 inches (40.5-42 cm)
- Chest: 42-44 inches (106.5-112 cm)
- Waist: 36-38 inches (91.5-96.5 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 34-35 inches (86.5-89 cm)

- Extra Large (XL):
- Neck: 17-17.5 inches (43-44.5 cm)
- Chest: 46-48 inches (117-122 cm)
- Waist: 40-42 inches (101.5-106.5 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 35-36 inches (89-91.5 cm)

- Double Extra Large (XXL):
- Neck: 18-18.5 inches (45.5-47 cm)
- Chest: 50-52 inches (127-132 cm)
- Waist: 44-46 inches (112-117 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 36-37 inches (91.5-94 cm)

**Men's Silk Shorts Size Chart:**

- **Small (S):**
- Waist: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm)
- Hip: 34-36 inches (86.5-91.5 cm)
- Inseam: 8-9 inches (20.5-23 cm)

- **Medium (M):**
- Waist: 32-34 inches (81-86 cm)
- Hip: 38-40 inches (96.5-101.5 cm)
- Inseam: 9-10 inches (23-25.5 cm)

- **Large (L):**
- Waist: 36-38 inches (91.5-96.5 cm)
- Hip: 42-44 inches (106.5-112 cm)
- Inseam: 10-11 inches (25.5-28 cm)

- **Extra Large (XL):**
- Waist: 40-42 inches (101.5-106.5 cm)
- Hip: 46-48 inches (117-122 cm)
- Inseam: 10-11 inches (25.5-28 cm)

- **Double Extra Large (XXL):**
- Waist: 44-46 inches (112-117 cm)
- Hip: 50-52 inches (127-132 cm)
- Inseam: 10-11 inches (25.5-28 cm)

These measurements are approximate and can vary between brands. Always refer to the specific brand's size chart for the most accurate sizing information.

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