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Yoruba Majesty: 3-Piece Men's African Dress Set in Regal Black

Yoruba Majesty: 3-Piece Men's African Dress Set in Regal Black

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Introducing our exquisite 3-piece Yoruba Men's African Dress Set in captivating black, meticulously crafted to honor tradition with a touch of contemporary flair. Embrace the essence of cultural heritage while exuding timeless elegance in this ensemble designed for the modern man.

Each set comprises three essential elements:

1. **Agbada Robe**: Elevate your style with the regal Agbada robe, tailored to perfection with intricate embroidery and exquisite detailing along the cuffs and collar. Crafted from premium fabric, its flowing silhouette exudes sophistication and commands attention, making it the epitome of refined charm.

2. **Matching Pants**: Complementing the grandeur of the Agbada robe, the matching pants offer a seamless blend of comfort and style. Designed for ease of movement and tailored with precision, these pants effortlessly enhance the overall look, ensuring a harmonious ensemble that exudes confidence and grace.

3. **Embroidered Cap (Fila)**: Complete your distinguished look with the traditional Yoruba embroidered cap, known as Fila. Adorned with ornate patterns and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this accessory adds a final touch of elegance and cultural authenticity, making a bold statement that reflects your impeccable taste.

NB each piece is handmade and requires a 10-day preparation time. After placing your order, you can send us an email to confirm your measurements if you wish to have it made to measure.

Whether worn for special occasions, cultural celebrations, or simply to make a statement, our Yoruba Men's African Dress Set in classic black is a testament to heritage and style. Immerse yourself in the richness of tradition while embracing the allure of contemporary fashion with this exceptional ensemble. Flaunt your heritage with pride and step into the spotlight with confidence, for true style knows no boundaries.


Here's a more comprehensive size chart for men's silk shirts and shorts, including US,EU sizes S, L, XL, and XXL:

- Small (S):
- Neck: 14-14.5 inches (35.5-37 cm)
- Chest: 34-36 inches (86.5-91.5 cm)
- Waist: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 32-33 inches (81-84 cm)

- Medium (M):
- Neck: 15-15.5 inches (38-39 cm)
- Chest: 38-40 inches (96.5-101.5 cm)
- Waist: 32-34 inches (81-86 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 33-34 inches (84-86.5 cm)

- Large (L):
- Neck: 16-16.5 inches (40.5-42 cm)
- Chest: 42-44 inches (106.5-112 cm)
- Waist: 36-38 inches (91.5-96.5 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 34-35 inches (86.5-89 cm)

- Extra Large (XL):
- Neck: 17-17.5 inches (43-44.5 cm)
- Chest: 46-48 inches (117-122 cm)
- Waist: 40-42 inches (101.5-106.5 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 35-36 inches (89-91.5 cm)

- Double Extra Large (XXL):
- Neck: 18-18.5 inches (45.5-47 cm)
- Chest: 50-52 inches (127-132 cm)
- Waist: 44-46 inches (112-117 cm)
- Sleeve Length: 36-37 inches (91.5-94 cm)

**Men's Silk Shorts Size Chart:**

- **Small (S):**
- Waist: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm)
- Hip: 34-36 inches (86.5-91.5 cm)
- Inseam: 8-9 inches (20.5-23 cm)

- **Medium (M):**
- Waist: 32-34 inches (81-86 cm)
- Hip: 38-40 inches (96.5-101.5 cm)
- Inseam: 9-10 inches (23-25.5 cm)

- **Large (L):**
- Waist: 36-38 inches (91.5-96.5 cm)
- Hip: 42-44 inches (106.5-112 cm)
- Inseam: 10-11 inches (25.5-28 cm)

- **Extra Large (XL):**
- Waist: 40-42 inches (101.5-106.5 cm)
- Hip: 46-48 inches (117-122 cm)
- Inseam: 10-11 inches (25.5-28 cm)

- **Double Extra Large (XXL):**
- Waist: 44-46 inches (112-117 cm)
- Hip: 50-52 inches (127-132 cm)
- Inseam: 10-11 inches (25.5-28 cm)

These measurements are approximate and can vary between brands. Always refer to the specific brand's size chart for the most accurate sizing information.

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